Amazing Facts International is a worldwide, multifaceted, soul-winning ministry committed to proclaiming the gospel. In every area of outreach, whether radio or television, publications, seminars, or training programs, Amazing Facts is giving people the biblical answers they need to make an informed and heartfelt decision for Christ.

For more than 40 years Bob Yandian has taught the unchanging truth of God’s Word.

The vision of Kenneth Copeland Ministries is to see believer’s experiencing the fullness of THE BLESSING which includes divine healing, supernatural prosperity, the God kind of love and more. And to help them operate skillfully in God’s Word, well-trained to discern good and evil.

Call 2 Pray is a weeknight program that was created to inspire and deepen your relationship with the Lord while giving you an opportunity to call in LIVE and have Pastor Jeff pray for your needs.

Heart of the Nation, a nonprofit Catholic media ministry founded in 1982, provides Sunday TV Mass for the faithful at home, in hospitals, and in other settings.

In Touch Ministries is the teaching ministry of Dr. Charles Stanley and is dedicated to leading people worldwide into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.

Through his teaching and preaching, you will learn how to live the Abundant Life that Jesus offers to every believer by developing and using faith to defeat every enemy and live a life of power and victory.

A much sought-after conference speaker and best-selling author, Dr. Creflo Dollar is known for his practical approach to the Bible, and has encouraged thousands to pursue a personal relationship with God.

David E. Taylor is the head of Joshua Media Ministries International (JMMI), a global outreach movement committed to establishing God’s Kingdom through the proclamation and demonstration of the Gospel.

Jason Alvarez pastors one of the most dynamic churches on the East Coast, The Love of Jesus Family Church in Orange, New Jersey, and oversees churches and ministries around the world.
Elevation with Steven Furtick focuses on the strength of God in our everyday struggles.

The mission of the Ernest Angley Ministries is to reach the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ confirmed with signs, wonders, miracles, and healings.

Presenting the Word of God rightly divided so that the lost can hear the Gospel of the Grace of God, believe, and be saved; and that the Believer may learn how to understand and enjoy the Bible.

Pastor, teacher, author and internationally known speaker Duane Sheriff uses powerful Bible teaching to encourage and help you grow in Jesus Christ. 

Jewish Voice exists to transform lives and see all Israel saved.

LIFE Outreach International is a Christian, faith-based organization committed to expressing God’s love in both word and deed.

Joseph Prince Ministries is committed to broadcasting the gospel of Grace and Truth (Jesus Christ) and actively demonstrating the love of Christ around the world.

With the prayers and support of our friends and partners around the world, we present a creative and relevant message of Christ and His love for people worldwide using the most powerful forms of media and communications available.

Fires, floods, hurricanes, pandemics, pestilence, earthquakes, disasters by air, land and sea, riots. Never before in modern times have such things burst upon the world with such intensity as now. The Bible speaks of these very conditions happening just before the coming of Jesus. The good news is that God has not left us alone, without hope.

Les Feldick Ministries has partnered with other ministries to give thousands of dollars in free bible study materials to inmates, people in transition programs, and to the blind/visually impaired.

Manna-Fest is the weekly Television Program of Perry Stone that deals with in-depth prophetic and practical studies of the Word of God.

Breakthrough is the worldwide soul-winning media ministry of Rod Parsley, advancing the kingdom of God around the world through the eye of the camera.

Messianic Vision is more than a ministry or a program; it is a desire to reach out with the good news of the Messiah.

Skywatch discusses critical issues of importance to Christians, including prophecy, discovery, and the supernatural.

Super-charge your faith with timeless messages by Pastor Steven that will inspire you to step out and do…The Impossible!

The Christian Worship Hour TV church services were ordained by God to proclaim the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ worldwide.

Messianic Rabbi Schneider: A Spirit-filled Jewish believer in Jesus who helps us connect the Old and new Testaments.

Jim and Lori Bakker bring to the stage prophets, experts, and leaders of the Christian world to discuss and understand Biblical prophecy and the Revelations of God’s Word.

The purpose of the Pastors Study is to preach the Good News of Christ’s salvation for those who do not yet know Christ.

Today’s Walk has one purpose: to reach people for Christ. We do that through the presentation of the gospel using mass media, including television and radio.

Satan is the prince of the power of the air. 99.9% of all spiritual warfare is fought in the realm of communications. That’s why we created the Church of the Airwaves to take the battle to the front lines.

It is the vision of Word of God ministries to preach Jesus as the manifested word of God!