Weekday & Weekend Afternoons


Original Air Dates:
September 2005 – present

Produced by:
Seth Alspaugh


America’s Heartland has introduced viewers to America’s farmers and ranchers since its first episode in 2005.  The idea was a simple one – give consumers an inside look at the people and processes involved in bringing food, fuel, and fiber to those in the United States and around the world.  Since that first episode, America’s Heartland producers and reporters have brought viewers more than seven hundred informative and compelling stories about farm families, agricultural technology, consumer issues, animal welfare, environmental concerns, organic farming, and crop sustainability. America’s Heartland has traveled to Mainland China, Egypt, Morocco, and Taiwan to demonstrate the impact that American agriculture has on a global economy. As the only nationally broadcast program of its kind, America’s Heartland strives to give urban viewers a better understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing modern agriculture today.